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Peng Xiao

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Personal Profile:

Professor, PhD supervisor, Head of Department of Applied Physics.

He received the Master of Engineering degree in Precision Instruments and Machinery from Chongqing University in 1999.

In 2008, he received the Doctor of Science degree in Condensed Matter Physics from Chongqing University, and was awarded the Chongqing U.S. Doctoral Thesis.

From 2006.8 to 2007.8, he was a visiting scholar at the University of Washington, USA.

As the project leader, he presided over one project of "973" sub-project of the Ministry of Science and Technology, two projects of Chongqing Natural Science Foundation, the National Outstanding Youth Fund, the National Fund for Returned Overseas Chinese, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and many provincial and ministerial projects. He has published more than 70 SCI papers, co-authored one monograph in English, obtained 5 national invention patents, and is a reviewer of international journals such as Sensors and Actuators B, Nanaoscale, Electrochimica Acta, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, ACS Applied He is a reviewer of international journals such as Materials & Interfaces.

Research interests:

He mainly conducts research on the preparation and characterization of low-dimensional nanomaterials and their related theories. His research focuses on novel preparation methods of one-dimensional nanomaterials, growth mechanisms of complex metal compounds and the construction and assembly of functional electrode interfaces; surface state modification and doping of nanofilms and their electrical and optical properties; basic research on the application of nanomaterials in the fields of electrochemical energy storage, electrocatalysis and photoelectric catalysis.

Representative papers published in recent years:

1. Cui, X; Guo, WL; Zhou, M; Yang, Y; Li, YH;Xiao, P*; Zhang, YH*; Zhang, XX,Promoting Effect of Co in NimCon (m+n=4) Bimetallic Electrocatalysts for Methanol Oxidation Reaction,ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces,7 (2015) 493-503

2.Y. Li, M. Zhou, X. Cui, Y. Yang,P. Xiao*, L. Cao, Y. Zhang*, Hierarchical structures of nickel, cobalt-based nanosheets and iron oxyhydroxide nanorods arrays for electrochemical capacitors,Electrochim. Acta161 (2015) 137–143

3.Y. Yang, M. Zhou, W. Guo, X. Cui, Y. Li, F. Liu,P. Xiao*, Y. Zhang*,NiCoO2 nanowires grown on carbonfiber paper for highly efficient water oxidation,Electrochim. Acta174 (2015) 246–253

4.Y. Li, Q. Li, L. Cao, X. Cui, Y. Yang,P. Xiao*,Y. Zhang*,The impact of morphologies and electrolyte solutions on the supercapacitive behavior for Fe2O3 and the charge storage mechanism,Electrochim. Acta178 (2015) 171–178

5.X. Cui,Y. Yang,Y. Li,F. Liu,H. Peng,Y. Zhang*,P Xiao*,Electrochemical Fabrication of Porous Ni0.5Co0.5Alloy Film and Its Enhanced Electrocatalytic Activity towards Methanol Oxidation,J. Electrochem. Soc.162 (2015) F1415-F1424

6.H. He, S. Berglund,A. Rettie, W. Chemelewski,P. Xiao, Y.H Zhang, C.Mullins,Synthesis of BiVO4Nanoflake Array Films for Photoelectrochemical Water Oxidation ,J. Mater. Chem.A, 2(2014)9371–9379.

7.J .Yao, Y. Gong, S. Yang,P. Xiao,Y. Zhang, K. Keyshar, G. Ye, S. Ozden, R. Vajtai, P. M. Ajayan,. CoMoO4 Nanoparticles Anchored on Reduced Graphene Oxide Nanocomposites as Anodes for Long-Life Lithium-ion Batteries.ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 2014, 6(22), 20414-20422.

8.L. Qiao,M. Zhou,Y. Li,A. Zhang,J. Deng,M. Liao,P. Xiao*,Y. Zhang*,S. Zhang,Enhancing Electrochemical Hydrogen Generation by Platinum-Modification of p-Type Silicon Wires Array under Visible Light,J. Electrochem. Soc.161 (2014) H458-H463

9.M. Zhou,P. Xiao*, W. Guo, J. Deng, F. Liu, Y. Zhang,Electrochemical Synthesis of Monodisperse Nickel with Predominant{111}Orientation and High Electro-Oxidation Activity for Methanol,J. Electrochem. Soc.,161 (2014) H133-H137

10. Y. Li, L. Cao, L. Qiao, M. Zhou, Y. Yang,P. Xiao*,Y. Zhang,Ni–Co sulfide nanowires on nickel foam with ultrahigh capacitance for asymmetric supercapacitors,J. Mater. Chem. A,2014, 2, 6540–6548

11.F. Yang, J. Yao, F. Liu, H. He, M. Zhou,P. Xiao*, Y.H. Zhang,Ni–Co oxides nanowire arrays grown on ordered TiO2nanotubes with high performance in supercapacitors,J. Mater. Chem. A1 (2013) 594–601

12.X.L. Li , J.Y. Yao, F. Liu, H. He, M. Zhou, N. Mao,P. Xiao, Y. H Zhang,Nickel/Copper nanoparticles modified TiO2nanotubes for non-enzymatic glucose biosensors,Sensors and Actuators B181 (2013) 501–508

13.H. He,P. Xiao,M. Zhou, F. L. Liu, S. J. Yu, L. Qiao, Y. H. Zhang*,PtNi alloy nanoparticles supported on carbon-doped TiO2nanotube arrays for photo-assisted methanol oxidation,Electrochimica Acta, 88 (2013) 782-789.

14.S.J. Yu,P. Xiao*, M. Zhou, L. Qiao, J.Y. Yao, H. He,Ni nanoparticles decorated titania nanotube arrays as efficient nonenzymatic glucose sensor,Electrochimica Acta76 (2012) 512–517

15. H. He,P. Xiao*, M. Zhou, Y.H. Zhang , Q. Lou, X. Dong, Boosting catalytic activity with a p-n junction: Ni/TiO2nanotube arrays composite catalyst for methanol oxidation,International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 37 (2012), 4967-4973

16. Y.H. Zhang,P. Xiao, X. Zhou, D. Liu, B. B. Garcia, G. Cao*, Carbon monoxide annealed TiO2nanotube array electrodes for efficient biosensor applications,Journal of Materials Chemistry,2009, 19, 948–953

17.P. Xiao,Y. Zhang,B. B. Garcia, S. Sepehri, D. Liu, G. Cao*, Nanostructured Electrode with Titania Nanotube Arrays:Fabrication, Electrochemical Properties, and Applications for Biosensing,Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 9, 2426-2436 (2009)

18.D. Liu,P. Xiao, Y. H. Zhang, B. B. Garcia, Q. Zhang, Q. Guo, Richard Champion and Guozhong Cao,TiO2Nanotube Arrays Annealed in N2for Efficient Lithium-Ion Intercalation,J. Phys. Chem. C, 112 (2008) 11175–11180

19. D. Liu, Q. Zhang,P.Xiao,B.B.Garcia, Q.Guo, R.Champion, G.Cao*, Hydrous manganese dioxide nanowall arrays growth and their Li+ ions intercalation electrochemical properties,Chem. Mater.2008, 20(4):1376-1380

20.P. Xiao*, B. B. Garcia, Q. Guo, D. Liu, G. Cao, TiO2nanotube arrays fabricated by anodization in different electrolytes for biosensing,Electrochemistry Communications,9, 2007, 2441-2447

Invention patents granted:

1. a nano-nickel/titanium dioxide nanotube array composite preparation method, Yunhuai Zhang, Yannan Yang, Peng Xiao, 200910104418.6

2. A nano-platinum-nickel bimetal/titanium dioxide nanotube array composite material preparation method, Yunhuai Zhang, Huichao He, Peng Xiao, 201110145920.9

3. A method for the preparation of manganese dioxide/carbon nanocomposite microspheres, Yunhuai Zhang, Yangli Luo, Peng Xiao, 201010564268.X

Cooperative publication of English monographs:

《Environmental Applications of Nanomaterials-Synthesis, Sorbents and Sensors》, 2ndEdition,

Editors: Glen E Fryxell, Guozhong Cao,

2012.4, Imperial College Press

Chapter 23. Preparation and Electrochemical Applications of Titania Nnaotube Arrays,Peng Xiao, Guozhong Cao, Yunhuai Zhang p.679-p.710