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Yi Xi

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Name: Xi Yi, Ph.D., Professor, Ph.

Research Interests:

Research on environmental energy harvesting and conversion and storage and its self-driven sensing

Educational Background and Work Experience:

D. in Condensed Matter Physics from Chongqing University in 2010.

From 2008 to 2009, he received a joint Ph.D. training in Materials Engineering Department, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA, sponsored by China Scholarship Council.

Yi was appointed as a lecturer from 2010 to 2012.

Selected as a master's degree advisor in 2011.

2015-2016 Visiting Scholar funded by China Scholarship Council to Department of Materials Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA.

Appointed as Associate Professor from 2012-2018.

Selected as Ph.D. student advisor in 2018.

2018 - Present appointed as Professor.

Scientific Research:

Yi is mainly engaged in the research of energy collection, conversion and storage, and has made some research results in related devices and performance research. She has published more than 140 SCI-retrieved papers, and the papers have been cited more than 5000 times, 7 highly cited papers with H=44, among which 19 papers with impact factor more than 10 have been published as first author and corresponding author. He has applied for 16 invention patents (11 have been granted). Yi has been invited to review articles for EES, AM, AFM, AEM, Nano Energy, JMCA, Small and other journals.


(1) 2013 Top Ten Outstanding Young Teachers Award of Chongqing University

(2) Second Prize of Natural Science Award of Chongqing University in 2016 (ranked second)

(3) Outstanding Academic Paper Award in Natural Science, Chongqing Science and Technology Association, 2017

(5) Second Prize of Natural Science Award of Chongqing University in 2017 (ranked first)

(4) First Prize of Natural Science Award of Chongqing University in 2018 (ranked third)

(5) First Prize of Natural Science Award of Chongqing Science and Technology Award in 2019 (ranked second)

Research projects.

(1) One National Natural Science Foundation of China, project leader

(2) 1 project of National Youth Natural Science Foundation of China, project leader

(3) 1 project of the Ministry of Education of China for new teachers of doctoral disciplines, project leader

(4) 2 projects of Chongqing Foundation and Frontier Fund, the project leader

(5) 1 project under the Chongqing City Project of Staying and Creating, responsible for the project

(6) 1 major project of Chongqing University, responsible for the project

(7) 4 basic research projects of central universities, the project leader

Some representative papers in the past five years as the first author or corresponding author:

1.      XM Zhang, J Hu, QX Yang, HM Yang, HK Yang, QY LiXC Li, CG Hu, Yi Xi*, ZL Wang*, Harvesting Multidirectional Breeze Energy and Self-powered Intelligent Fire Detection Systems Based on Triboelectric Nanogenerator and Fluid-dynamic modeling, Advanced Functional Materials  (一区,自然指数期刊), 2021,

2.      QY Li, WL Liu, HM Yang, WC He, L Long, MB Wu, XM Zhang, Yi Xi*, CC Hu*, ZL Wang*, Ultra-stability high-voltage triboelectric nanogenerator designed by ternary dielectric triboelectrification with partial soft-contact and non-contact mode, Nano Energy 2021, 90, 106585

3.      HM Yang, MM Deng, QX Zeng,  XM Zhang,  J Hu,   Q Tang, HK  Yang,   CG Hu, Yi Xi *, ZL Wang*, Polydirectional Microvibration Energy Collection for Self-Powered Multifunctional Systems Based on Hybridized NanogeneratorsACS Nano (一区,自然指数期刊), 2020,14(3),3328-3336

4.      HM Yang, MM Deng, Q Tang, WC He, CG Hu, Yi Xi *, RC Liu* , ZL Wang *, A Non-Encapsulative Pendulum-Like Paper Based Hybrid Nanogenerator for Energy Harvesting, Advanced Energy Materials, (一区), 2019, 9(33), 1901149

5.      PY Ji, CS Zhang, J Wan, ML Zhou, Yi Xi*, HY Guo, CG Hu, X Gu*, CS Wang, WD Xue*, Ti Doped Tunnel-type Na4Mn9O18 Nanoparticles as a Novel Anode Material for High Performance Supercapacitors, ACS Applied Materials &Interfaces (一区), 2019,11(32), 28900-28908

6.      J Hu, XJ Pu, HM Yang, QX Zeng, Q Tang,  DZ Zhang, CG Hu,   Yi Xi*, A flutter-effect-based triboelectric nanogenerator for breeze energy collection from arbitrary directions and self-powered wind speed sensor, Nano Research(一区), 2019,12(12), 2018-2023.

7.      MH Lai, BL Du, Hengyu Guo, Yi Xi *, HK Yang, CG Hu, J Wang *, ZL Wang *, Enhancing the Output Charge Density of TENG via Building Longitudinal Paths of Electrostatic Charges in the Contacting Layers, ACS Applied Materials &Interfaces(一区), 2018, 10, 2, 2158–2165

8.      Yi Xi#, HY Guo#, et al., Multifunctional TENG for blue energy scavenging and self-powered wind speed sensor, Advanced Energy Materials (一区), 2017, 7, 12, 1602397

9.      HM Yang, MF Wang, MM Deng, HY Guo, W Zhang, HK Yang, Yi Xi*, et al., A full-packaged rolling triboelectric-electromagnetic hybrid nanogenerator for energy harvesting and building up self-powered wireless systems, Nano Energy (一区), 2019, 56, 300-306.

10.  HM Yang, Wl Liu, Yi Xi*, et al., Rolling friction contact-separation mode hybrid triboelectric nanogenerator for mechanical energy harvesting and self-powered multifunctional sensors, Nano Energy(一区), 2018, 47, 539-546

11.  Yi Xi, J Wang, et al., High Efficient Harvesting of Underwater Ultrasonic Wave Energy by Triboelectric Nanogenerator, Nano Energy (一区), 2017, 38, 101

12.  SG Dai, WN Xu, Yi Xi*, et al., Charge storage in KCu7S4 as redox active material for a flexible all-solid-state supercapacitor, Nano Energy (一区), 2016, 19, 363-372

Faculty Gift:

Long-term admission of PhD and MS students; undergraduate students interested in research are also welcome to join this research group. Contact:,