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Xiaoyuan Zhou

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Xiaoyuan Zhou is a professor and doctoral supervisor at Chongqing University, director of the Center for Analysis and Testing at Chongqing University, deputy director of the Center for Quantum Materials and Devices at Chongqing University, and a recipient of the National Outstanding Youth Fund project. Zhou is also the recipient of the National Outstanding Youth Fund. She has presided over several projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China. She has received 9 awards, including the First Prize of Natural Science Award of Chongqing Science and Technology Award, the First Prize of Science and Technology Award of China Association of Analytical Testing, and the Young Scientist Award of International Society of Thermoelectrics. In the past five years,she has published more than 100 SCI papers with first/corresponding authors, including Nat. Commun. Zhou has applied for 9 national patents and granted 4 patents. He has made more than 50 invited presentations at the International Conference on Thermoelectrics (ICT), Materials Research Society of America (MRS), European Materials Research Society (EMRS), China Materials Conference and China Physics Conference.Zhou is a member of the Board of Directors of the Chinese Materials Society, Silicate Society and other academic organizations. She is a member of the editorial board of Rare Metals and J. Anal. Test. and a junior editorial board member of Sci. China Mater. and a guest editorial board member of Chin. She is also a reviewer of SCI journals such as Adv. Funct. Mater. She has organized more than 10 conferences, such as China (International) Functional Materials Science and Industry High Level Forum, China Materials Conference Thermoelectric Section, and Quantum Materials and Devices Forum.

Education and work experience:

February 2013-present, College of Physics, Chongqing University, Specially Appointed Researcher of 100 People Program

April 2010-January 2013, Department of Physics, University of Michigan, USA, Postdoctoral Fellow

February 2008 - April 2010, University of Washington, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Postdoctoral Fellow

November 2004-January 2008, Department of Applied Physics, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Ph.

September 2001 - July 2004, Hubei University, School of Physics and Electronic Science and Technology, M.S.

September 1997 - July 2001, Hubei University, College of Physics and Electronic Science and Technology, B.S.

Research Interests: Design and development of new energy materials

Research and application of magnetic, topological and magnetoelectric transport properties of low temperature materials.

Growth, design and device development of high-temperature thermoelectric materials.

Nanomaterials, single-atom optical (electric) energy catalysis and their applications.

Representative papers:

[1] Ma, L.; Yan, Z. G.; Zhou, X. Y.(*); Pi, Y. Q.; Du, Y. P.; Huang, J.; Wang, K. W.; Wu, K.; Zhuang, C. Q.; Han, X. D.(*), A polymer controlled nucleation route towards the generalized growth of organic-inorganic perovskite single crystals. Nat. Commun., 2021, 12, 1-10.

[2] Peng, K. L.; Lu, X.; Zhan, H.; Hui, S.; Tang, X. D.; Wang, G. W.; Dai, J. Y.; Uher, C.; Wang, G. Y.(*); Zhou, X. Y.(*), Broad temperature plateau for high ZTs in heavily doped p-type SnSe single crystals, Energy Environ. Sci., 2016, 9, 454~460.

[3] Wang C.; Wang K. W.; Feng Y. B.; Li C.; Zhou X. Y.(*); Gan L. Y.; Feng Y. J.; Zhou H. J.; Zhang B; Qu X. L.; L H.; Li J. Y.; Li A.(*); Sun Y. Y.; Zhang S. B.; Yang G.; Guo Y. Z.; Yang S. Z.; Zhou T. H.; Dong F.; Zheng K.; Wang L. H.; Huang J.; Zhang Z.; Han X. D.; Co and Pt dual-single-atoms with oxygen-coordinated Co-O-Pt dimer sites for ultrahigh photocatalytic hydrogen evolution efficiency, Adv. Mater., 2021, 33, 2003327.

[4] Wang, C.; Li, A.; Li, C.; Zhang, S. B.; Li, H.; Zhou, X. Y.(*); Hu, L. M.; Feng, Y. B.; Wang, K. W.; Zhu, Z.; Saho, R. W.; Chen, Y. H.; Gao, P.; Mao, S. C.; Huang, J.; Zhang, Z.; Han, X. D.(*).; Ultrahigh Photocatalytic Rate at a Single-Metal-Atom-Oxide. Adv. Mater., 2019, 31, 1903491.

[5] Duan, Y. Y.; Wang, Y.; Gan, L. Y.; Meng, J. Z.; Feng, Y. J.; Wang, K. W.; Zhou, K.; Wang, C.; Han, X. D.(*).; Zhou, X. Y.(*), Amorphous Carbon Nitride with Three Coordinate Nitrogen (N3C) Vacancies for Exceptional NOx Abatement in Visible Light. Adv. Energy Mater., 2021, 11, 2004001.

[6] Zhu, H. X.; Zhao, T.; Zhang, B.; An, Z.; Mao, S.; Wang, G. Y.; Han, X. D.; Lu, X.(*); Zhang, J.(*); Zhou, X. Y.(*), Entropy Engineered Cubic n-Type AgBiSe2 Alloy with High Thermoelectric Performance in Fully Extended Operating Temperature Range. Adv. Energy Mater., 2021, 11, 2003304.

[7] Wu, H.; Lu, X.; Wang, G. Y.; Peng, K. L.; Chi, H.; Zhang, B.; Chen, Y. J.; Li, C. J.; Yan, Y. C; Guo, L. J.; Uher, C.; Zhou, X. Y.(*); Han, X. D.(*), Na-doped SnS Single Crystal: A non-toxic Earth-abundant Material with High Thermoelectric Performance, Adv. Energy Mater, 2018, 8, 1800087.

[8] Peng, K. L.; Zhou, Z. Z.; Wang, H. H.; Wu, H.; Ying J. J.; Han, G.; Lu, X.; Wang, G. Y.; Zhou, X. Y.(*); Chen, X. H.(*); Exceptional Performance Driven by Planar Honeycomb Structure in a New High Temperature Thermoelectric Material BaAgAs. Adv. Funct. Mater., 2021, 31, 2100583.

[9] Shen, X. C.; Xia, Y.; Yang, C. C.; Zhang, Z.; Li, S. L.; Tung, Y. H.; Benton, A.; Zhang, X.; Lu, X.; Wang, G. Y.; He, J.(*); Zhou, X. Y.(*), High Thermoelectric Performance in SulfideType Argyrodites Compound Ag8Sn(S1-xSex)6 Enabled by Ultralow Lattice Thermal Conductivity and Extended Cubic Phase Regime. Adv. Funct. Mater., 2020, 30, 2000526.

[10] Zhang, A. J.; Zhang, B.; Lu, W.; Xie, D. D.; Ou, H. X.; Han, X. D.; Dai, J. Y.; Lu, X.; Han, G.(*); Wang, G. Y.(*); Zhou, X. Y.(*), Twin Engineering in Solution-Synthesized Nonstoichiometric Cu5FeS4 Icosahedral Nanoparticles for Enhanced Thermoelectric Performance. Adv. Funct. Mater., 2018, 28, 1705117.

[11] Peng, K. L.; Zhang, B.; Wu, H.; Cao, X. L.; Li, A.; Yang, D. F.; Lu, X.; Wang,G. Y.; Han, X. D.; Uher, C.; Zhou, X. Y.(*), Ultra-High Average Figure of Merit in Synergistic Band Engineered SnxNa1-xSe0.9S0.1 Single Crystals, Material today, 2018, 21(5):501~507.

[12] Zhou, X. Y.(*); Yan, Y. C.; Lu, X.; Zhu, H. T.; Han, X. D.; Chen, G.; Ren, Z. F.(*), Routes for high-performance thermoelectric materials. Materials Today, 2018, 21, 974-988.

[13] Chen, Y. J.; Zhang, B.; Zhang, Y. S.; Wu, H.; Peng, K. L.; Yang, H. Q.; Zhang, Q.; Liu, X. P.; Chai, Y. S.; Lu, X.; Wang, G. Y.; Zhang Z.; He J.; Han, X. D.(*); Zhou X. Y.(*), AtomicScale Visualization and Quantification of Configurational Entropy in Relation to Thermal Conductivity: A ProofofPrinciple Study in t-GeSb2Te4. Adv. Sci., 2021, 8, 2002051.

[14] Liu, M.; Xie, S. X.; Wei, L. Y.; Galluzzi, M..; Li, Y. H.; Wang, Q. Y.; Zhou, X. Y.(*); Wang, Y. P.(*); Li, J. Y.(*),. Quantitative functional imaging of VO2 metal-insulator transition through intermediate M2 phase. Acta Mater., 2020, 195, 720-727.

[15] Yan, X. M.; Zheng, S. K.; Zhou, Z. Z.; Wu, H.; Zhang, B.; Huang, Y. L.; Lu, X.; Han, G.; Wang, G. Y.; Zhou, X. Y.(*), Melt-spun Sn1−x−ySbxMnyTe with unique multiscale microstructures approaching exceptional average thermoelectric zT. Nano Energy, 2021, 84, 105879.

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[18] Huang, L. S.; Lu, J. Z.; Ma, D. W.; Ma, C. M.; Zhang, B.;Wang, H. Y.; Wang, G. Y.; Gregory, D. H.; Zhou, X. Y.(*); Han, G.(*), Facile in situ solution synthesis of SnSe/rGO nanocomposites with enhanced thermoelectric performance†, J. Mater. Chem. A, 2020, 8, 1394~1402.

[19] Tang, X. D.; Fang, D. D.; Peng, K. L.; Yang, D. F.; Guo, L. J. ; Lu, X.; Dai, J. Y.; Wang, G. Y.; Liu, H. J.(*); Zhou, X. Y.(*), Dopant Induced Impurity Bands and Carrier Concentration Control for Thermoelectric Enhancement in p-Type Cr2Ge2Te6, Chem. Mater., 2017, 29, 7401~7407.

[20] Yang, D. F.; Yao, W.; Yan, Y. C.; Qiu, W. J.; Guo, L. J.; Lu, X.; Uher, C.; Han, X. D.; Wang, G. Y.(*); Yang, T.(*); Zhou, X. Y.(*), Intrinsically low thermal conductivity from a quasi-one-dimensional crystal structure and enhanced electrical conductivity network via Pb doping in SbCrSe3, NPG Asia Materials, 2017, 9, e387.

Academic Part-time Position.

Executive Director, Thermoelectric Branch, Chinese Society for Materials

Director, Special Ceramics Branch, Chinese Silicate Society

Director, Instrumentation Functional Materials Branch, China Instrument Association

Deputy Director of the Analytical Testing Branch of China Analytical Testing Association

Young Editorial Board Member of Science China-Materials (SCI Zone 1)

Outstanding Editorial Board Member of Rare Metals (Excellence Program Journal) 2020

Editorial Board Member of Journal of Analysis and Testing

Presided over the fund projects.

National Outstanding Young Scientists Foundation, 52125103, 2022.1-2026.12, project leader

National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), 52071041, 2021.1-2024.12, project leader

National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), 11674040, 2017.1-2020.12, project leader

National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), 51472036, 2015.1-2018.12, project leader

National Natural Science Foundation of China Youth Program, 11404044, 2015.1-2017.12, project leader

National Natural Science Foundation of China Director's Fund Project, 11344010, 2014.1-2014.12, project leader

Awards and Honors.

First Prize of Natural Science Award, Science and Technology Award of Qing City, 2020 (ranked 1)

Awarded the First Prize of Science and Technology of China Association for Analysis and Testing in 2020 (ranked 1)

Awarded the Young Scientist Award of International Society of Thermoelectrics in 2018 (1 per year worldwide)

Awarded the Repatriation Grant for High-Level Overseas Talents in 2018

2018 Awarded Special Support Program for High-level Talents in Chongqing

2018 won the Outstanding Youth Award of the Chinese Silicate Society for Special Ceramics

2017 won the third batch of Chongqing hundred million project leading talents

2017 won the Chongqing University Research Reserve Top A Leader Talent

2016 won the Special Contribution Award of China Emerging Science and Technology Figures

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