Liping Yang(杨丽平)


Department of Physics

ChongQing University

ChongQing 401331, China





Education and Experience

  • 1998.9-2004.6 Hua-Zhong Normal University, Theoretical physics, Bachelor & Master
  • 2005.3-2009.1 Institute of theoretical physics,CAS, Phd
  • 2009.2-2009.7 National Institute for Materials Science, Japan, Visiting researcher
  • 2009.9-2011.4 Leiden University, Netherlands, and IFW-dresden, Germany, Post-doctor
  • 2011.6-2012.7 Institute of Physics, CAS、Beijing Computational Research Center, Visiting Scholar
  • 2012.9- 2016.8 ChongQing University, Department of Physics, Lecturer
  • 2016.9- ChongQing University, Department of Physics, Associate Professor

  • Fundings

  • Research Funds for the Central Universities(2012.12-2015.12),Project Leader.
    “The non-equilibrium dynamical properties of quantum many-body systems”.
  • Natural Science Foundation for Young Scientists of China(2014.01-2016.12),Project Leader.
    “Quantum phase transitions of the spin systems by the tensor-network renormalization group algorithms”.

  • Research

  • Spin Systems, Transfer Matrix Method, Tensor Renormalization Group Algorithms, Phase Transitions, Disordered Systems, Graphene.

  • Others

  • 2008,“Zhu-Li Yue Hua” Excellent Phd, Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • 2014,China Center of Advanced Science and Technology,“ITP-CCAST Youth Forum : Condensed Matter Physics”, Chair.